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How do I use an external HR Monitor?

The heart rate monitor (HRM) shows your heart rate in BPM (beats per minute) during a workout. To start a workout, you must pair an external HRM device with your smartwatch through the application menu.

The workout starts when the external HRM device (chest belt for instance) starts to send valid data, while being worn. The workout stops once the external device is removed.

In the activity chart, you can select the HRM workout (heart icon) and see the details. The graph shows the HRM values during the workout, using 4 colors representing 4 different heart rate zones.


Please note that on new models an HRM sensor is already integrated within the watch. The watches with integrated HRM are:

  • Frederique Constant Vitality (FC-286 & FC-287)
  • AlpinerX Alive (AL-284)
  • Alpina (AL-286)