What information is available on the activity page?

The Activity screen shows you all you need to know about your activity on a single screen.
The graph on the upper half of the screen displays your progress hour by hour. Touch and drag your finger across the graph to view how many steps you had at a particular time of the day.
The star icon indicates when your activity goal was achieved.
The stopwatch icon allows you to view the details of a recorded Stopwatch activity.
The table on the lower half of the screen displays all your statistics for the current day, including the number of steps, the distance you covered, the calories you burnt and your active time.
The calories are divided in 2 categories:
The calories you burn from taking steps (walking, jogging or running) are shown under step calories.
Even when you are sedentary or sleeping, your body burns calories; they are known as basal metabolic rate (BMR) calories and they are included within the total calories.